AU makes getting there half the fun!

We are dedicated to giving our customers some of the most fun and sophisticated daybag and travel bag options on the market. AU was establish more then 40 years ago in Maine. The seasons and the dramatic landscape of the state of Maine have helped to create a brand that understands the need for durability combined with sophisticated style. In fact the other thing we like to deliver in our product is sophisticated fun. From our amazing colors and prints in our Raincoat Cotton tm Collection done exclusively for AU by Erin Flett of Maine to our Sailwax tm Collection made with the best waxed cotton and US leather available AU delivers the bag you want to through over your shoulder for the day or for the next get away.

Like Maine, AU is known for innovative answers in their product that will withstand the elements as well as enhance the look and appeal of the person carrying them. Maine companies are known for great style that has great longevity. The Maine ocean has influenced the use of materials like wax cotton (Sailwax tm) which was the first foul weather gear for mariners. Maine’s amazing coastal landscape and colors are the inspiration of our Raincoat Cotton tm Collection’s look and appeal.

All the years of designing and making some of the best travel and daybags and totes available give AU a distinct advantage as we work hard every day to deliver the bag our customers will go back to every time they are traveling or just buzzing around town for the day. Nothing looks quite like an AU bag and we are very proud of the place that has inspired both us and the AU products.

David Allen