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Raincoat Cotton

AU’s trademarked laminated cotton. Travel and day bags in eight fun and sophisticated prints exclusively designed by Maine Textile Graphic Designer Erin Flett. Raincoat Cotton is very durable, stain resistant and water resistant.

Note: Raincoat Cotton is a water-based adhesive process. While this choice is made with the environment in mind, standing water and full water immersion may penetrate the laminate.
  • Raincoat Cotton™ Zip Sprint
  • Raincoat Cotton™ Weekender Travel Bag
  • Toiletries
  • Toiletries
  • Medium Open Tote shown on left
  • Grande Open Tote shown on left
  • Worn Current inspired by Maine tidal waters. Designed exclusively for AU by Erin Flett.
  • Raincoat Cotton™ Duffle Bag
  • Raincoat Cotton™ Dopp Kit
  • 18 Percent Small Toiletry
  • 18 Percent Collection Open Tote Bag